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How do i give up sugar?

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start buying sugar free candy and ween yourself off the sugar with the sugar free candy... im a freak about sugar too. i know the sugar free stuff isnt the same, but its satisfying enough.


Yes, great suggestion!


I used to eat regular candy and all that junk many years ago, but eventually started trying the sugar-free ones if I had the craving. They may not taste the exact same, but they don't taste bad either. Eating high amounts of processed sugar is extremely unhealthy, especially if you throw diabetes into the mix.

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Any "diet" like Atkins is not good for your health over long periods of time. I was on the Atkins diet years ago, but only for a month or so. I lost a bunch of weight that I needed to shed. Then I eased into a more balanced way of eating that I still do today. Most diets like Atkins, Mediterranean, etc. deprive you of something, and that something is essential for your health... be it vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals. Sure, for a short while, you can do it. But it is unhealthy to leave out things like carbohydrates and proteins. It is an extreme way of eating no matter how you look at it. referring to your doctor is important, because you don't want to go down a dark path when everything seems fine and peachy from your perspective. There is a risk to any "diet". The best way to lose weight is to eat in balance and moderation, so you can take in carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

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Don't forget sugar-free alternatives are not calorie-free. They don't provide the same satisfaction as the real thing you crave because it has little to no fat at all. Calories are calories. Too much of it, will make you gain weight. But since that's not the problem in your case, just don't abuse the sugar free products...everything in moderation.


You COULD try phase 1 of the South Beach diet. It's a week or two sans fruits, carbs, candy, pastry-- basically nothing with high doses of sugar that will make your insulin shoot through the roof, thus making you crave more sugary things. The first couple of days will make you feel crappy, but the protein and dairy should eventually click with your body, give you energy and make you crave sugar less and less. After that, you can go back to eating fruits and WHOLE grain breads and pasta. No sugar, only on special occaisions.


If that's too much effort...well, you can try cutting up the pieces of whatever you want to eat and have eat a little pieces through out the day. Let's say you get a mars bar and cut it in four pieces and you'd eat a bit when ever the craving hits. That way you get you're sugar fix, but not necseccarily eating THE WHOLE THING in one go.


I read this somewhere that made so much sense to me and gave me willpower. "Remember, it's easier to say no to the first cookie than to the second."


Good luck =)

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Sugar is addidive like a drug and you can ween yourself off it.

It is important not to remove sugar from your diet completely just

have a healthy source of sugar.

Try having a spoonful of untreated, natural honey.

The thing is that as you gradually cut out the processed and introduce the natural you start to crave the goodness and over time you get less desire for the processed sugary things.

Good luck.

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I find one of the best ways to tackle a problem like this is not to deprive yourself. When you want it, have it. And have what you most desire. Doing that for a month or two (while still remembering to control overall caloric intake) is a good way to 'get your fill' of it so to speak. It is not idiot proof but it is a decent shot at fixing the problem ime.

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I'm kind of doing the same thing, except I'm a chocolaholic. I can't go very long with out having cravings...


But, I'm in a bet to stay off of it until New Year's. My plan has been to simply cut out a little at a time. I went cold turkey on chocolate, but started eating Jelly Beans whenever I had a craving for chocolate.


So advice wise, I'd say give up a certain type of sweet, such as a chocolate, and whenever you have a chocolate craving, eating something else. I dunno..

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I find if you cut it out slowly then you crave it less and less. Later you will eat something that may have been pleasantly sweet and it will be overbearing.

It can be a gradual process though.

I don't crave chocolate all the time but I know the stuff tastes great so

I downed a box of daryl lea yesterday as a treat.

A one off in a blue moon treat is okay. If I did that everyday then it would be a worry.

I find I crave naturally sweet things most of the time, dried fruits and honey or just an apple.

(sounds more like a possums diet)

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