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I know this is an unhealthy way to lose weight, but I want to take this route for now because I really NEED to lose 20 lbs. I want to look good and exercise is NOT doing it. I want to look good, feel good, and attract a guy. I want to be happy for the holidays, look like I used to, etc.


I know diet pills aren't a good way to lose the weight, but I heard that diet pills can do it quickly, which is what I want. If I can lose the weight, I can keep it off, by eating less, etc. The losing of the weight is the hardest thing.


If any of you guys can give me some advice about what kind of diet pills to take, I would appreciate it. I know it's NOT the best way to do it, but I want the wieght off NOW.


Also can diet pills affect asthma issues?

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I do not recommend diet pills. They don't even burn fat. They contain extremely high doses of caffeine, which flush water right through your system. You will be dehydrated, jittery, weak and you won't lose any actual fat, despite what manufacturers want you to believe.


Try adjusting your diet. If you are already exercising enough, that's the only other thing you can do.


If you have tried really hard to lose weight with no success, go see your doctor about getting your thyroid and blood glucose levels tested. You may have some type of disorder.


I have no idea about the athsma, but if you have any type of health issue it's even more of a reason to stay away from diet pills.

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Do not take diet pills. They are a quick fix and we all know quick fixes are not the way to go. Plus those diet pills only get rid of water weight, that's it. And diet pills have been known to do screwy things with the heart so if you are asthamtic, then I would not take them. Consult your doctor on that.


Have you thought about Weight Watchers? I did it almost 6 years ago, lost 27 pounds and keep it off since. If you don't want to go to the meetings, they have a wonderful website which you can sign up for and do it on your own. With Weight Watchers, you can eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your point range. If you are interested PM me, I can delve more into the program.


The healthiest way to lose weight to exercise and watch your portion sizes. Please do not take diet pills.

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Don't do the pills!


The reason you are overweight is because you consume too many calories than you burn and the way to decrease your weight is to consume less calories and burn more.


We often eat when we are not hungry and images of food are everywhere, all the time! Also, we have been taught, usually by our parents and quite often at school, that we should finish everything on our plates! thereforeeee, the tendency to eat too much is overwhelming.


Also, our bodies like and crave sweet products and high fat products and we become addicted to these highs but it is possible to break the cycle.


When I have dieted, I start the day with a half grapefruit, a low fat yoghurt with a little muesli or half a banana. I have found that if I feel hungry mid morning, I can eat a light, watery soup say at mid morning. It almost tricks my body or mind into believing I have eaten again. Then when lunch time comes around, I eat say a piece of grilled chicken or fish with lots of spinach, rocket and lettuce. Again if I feel hungry mid afternoon, a watery soup. Then I eat my last meal before 6pm and this might be fish, with steamed rice and vegetables. And if I feel hungry in the evening, a watery soup. Watercress soup is good and very nourishing.


I try to drink herbal teas and water rather than sweet drinks and I hardly ever drink fizzy cola or anything like that.


I find that the weight falls off, my energy is restored and I feel pretty great.


I am currently on a health kick at the moment! I had sushi for dinner and I am not hungry at all tonight.


Exercise for me is yoga, walking and swimming. I don't like high energy stuff too much.


Good luck and I hope you find what works for you but please don't do the pills.

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Hey Ren - I'm on the same quest and I feel like I don't care if its healthy or not either.


I got the flu and lost 4 pounds. Of course since my recovery I quickly gained them back.


I tihnk a good bout of sickness could help....I'm thinking of contracting mono and the flu at the same time







(I'm kidding of course.....no hate mail please)

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When I first moved out here, I looked so good. I was thin, but I was sickly for a bit because of moving and the stresses associated with that. I settled down and got used to eating and stuff like that around here. Now, I have gained quite a lot of weight.


I need to get it off. I wanna be attractive again to people.


I really need to lose this damn f**** weight.

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I need to get it off. I wanna be attractive again to people.


Serioulsy..I totally feel ya! I really know how you feel.


Its hard to feel confidnet when you don't feel attractive to your own self.


I think you and I BOTH need to do some acceptance excercises.


I'm getting so sick of it and can't take it anymore so much so that I've considered starting the whole bulemic thing..........

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Hey there,


I've taken Hydroxycut and GNC -type fat burning pills...and let me tell you, that was over 200$ gone to waste.


It has done nothing for my health, other than the fact that it probably made it worst. It gave me chest pain and irregular heart beat that comes and goes on a regular basis even after I stopped taking the diet pills.


They just contain a ton of caffeine, which is supposed to elevate your heartrate which in turn is supposed to make you lose weight. It's just an 'easier' method of raising your heartbeat, rather than doing excercise, or so they say...


And one more thing. Even if you would take diet pills, you will STILL have to do cardio, you will still have to watch what you eat. Nothing comes easy with weightloss. You need to excercise, not only for weightloss, but your health, your mind, your well being, your confidence. It's hard at first, but soon, your body will crave it, because the feeling after a good workout is just so great. It's so rewarding.


Good luck to you!

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There is no easy route! There is no miracle cure!


You have to have some strong will and a good incentive!


A love interest (you haven't got them yet) works wonders! lol but you gotta do it for you!


You have to consume less than you do and burn more calories if you want to lose weight. You have to change your lifestyle today, now if you want to lose weight. You have to stop making bad food choices today, NOW if you want to lose weight.


Buy yourself a lovely dress that is near to your ideal weight and hang it where you can see it! Every day say, I am going to lose weight today and fit into my dream dress soon. lol.

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even if you do take the diet pills you will gain it back. its not the healthy way to go. You should join weight watchers and loose it the real way plus weight watchers you keep the weight off forever if you stick to the meal plan.

i havent even been on weight watchers a week and already lost 2lbs. if you do it the unhealthy way with pill i almost guarentee you, you WILL gain it back. ask anyone who has taken the pill they will tell you the same thing

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You're essentially trying to find a short-term solution for a long-term problem (I've seen your other posts regarding your struggle with weight). It is very common to be self-conscious about your weight, but pills are not the answer. Instead of trying to find a sly method of sheddnig a lot of weight in a short amount of time, try changing your attitude. I highly doubt people, especially loved ones, are that judgemental about you. Besides, once you learn to accept your body for what it is at this moment in time, then the preconcieved notions of others that you have in your head begin to gradually slip away.


The best way to lose weight is to eat in moderation, don't eat large meals, and try to put in some time for exercise/cardio at different points during the week. For me, I can lose weight easily in a matter of days, but keeping it off has always been the difficult part. You have to be patient. I have been patient with myself and my health. Don't take too big of steps or else you may fall over.

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Ren - there is no miracle pill. I second Kellbell's suggestion of weightwatchers.


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It is not enough to exercise, your calorie intake must also decrease. It is a simple formula. Calories in must be less than calories out. It does not matter if you work out 2 hours a day, if you go home and eat junk, the weight WILL NOT come off.


I really recommend weightwatchers. go to the meetings, there are some wonderful people there too, very supportive people, you may even make some new friends there!

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