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I always felt embarrassed to say I watched romantic comedies??


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This relates to the girl in my other posts but it is really another topic on its own. I'm a guy and I watch romantic comedies, but around the tough guy kind of image watching them makes you so girly (well at least thats the sterotype). Then today I overheard this girl im havin problems wit and her friend talking about how she thinks this guy is perfect (the usual he looks good, funny etc....) and then she mentioned "he watches romantic comedies too" (somethin like that). And she was so happy about it and here I am thinking well I watch them too but I never said anything because it would make me look really u know. So now I'm just thinking and also pouring out my feelings....do girls like that/ prefer that guys watch romantic comedies and just let down their tough guy act? ahhh why!!

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Your so clueless for a seven-teen year old.


I say that with a tinge of comedic relief, your letting what ONE girl said to effect your entire view on the subject matter. Just like a youngin.


Do you think that girls go for a guy that watches romantic comedies? If not, then who cares? If so, then who cares?


Just find a girl that won't bonk you on the head everytime you say something silly. Haha.



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I don't think your Q has much to do with what types of movies you like and whether your girl will like you more for it.


A girl likes you for you. If movie preferences are the big point you want to put accross to her to compete with her new guy...I'd be looking elsewhere for another girl. She's interested in the other guy for more than the movies he watches...and she's losing interest in you for more than movies.


Be yourself.

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man I'm a guy and I love watching romantic comdies/romance movies, you name it. I can care less what others think. Even some of my friends know that I watch them haha.


Like others have said, just be yourself. Try not to let others tell you what's right. Think for yourself!


Oh and keep watching those romance movies!

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no, girls (like guys) tend to prefer someone who likes the same things as they do - in this case, that girl likes romantic comedies. i do not like them myself, but i know a lot of girls who do, and sure, they'd like their bf's to like 'em too... to avoid the cliche scene at the movies "i wanna go see the newrob zombie movie!" "ohh... can't we see the new version of four weddings and a funeraaaaaaaaaaal?"


nothing to do with "manhood" or wtv (trust me, the medieval ages are over, now a girl likes a man to be who he is)...

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