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What does this mean? :\

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SoOo heres my story. I have been talking to this really pretty girl on the phone for a while. Maybe like two weeks. We have never met each other but we do go to the same school. We talk like crazy for hours and i guess you can say we are into each other. I know what she looks like because she has sent me some pictures of her, i can't do the same because my phone blows. But today at school, she, i guess, recognized my voice, and sent me a text saying "I think I saw you today, were you wearing black with a black hat?" And i was like "Yea that was me." And she goes "Oh....." and I'm like "Why?" She goes "Not really what i expected.....but i can't say that because i don't know you....." I replied with an "ok". Five minutes later i get a text saying "No more texts. I'm way over!" Then i replied with "Ok i won't text you anymore. This is my last one"


What are your guys thoughts on this issue? I'm pretty much open to anyones opinion.

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Jeeez nasty


Well DjSystemz, it seams that this gurl of yours didnt like what she saw.Sometimes when we are on the phone or the internet when wetalk to people and we cant see them we start to imagine what they look like and when we do finally see them it comes as a shcok because of the way that imagined they looked like or they way that thay described that they looked like which is way different.


I saw that text romance thing is over and i guess it was good while it lasted?

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I dunno what I'm going to say. I think she was scared of me for some reason. I don't know why. I'm not a scary person at all and i don't look scary lol! I was wearing all black today, maybe she gets the impression that I'm emo? I usually dress in bright colors but like today it was cold and i wanted to wear black! lol! I believe that no more texts is just an exuse to avoid me. I know some tricks in the book. This girl is beautiful and i would LOVE to get to know her a better! But if her personality is only on looks then i figure shes not worth my time ya kno? I can't talk or be with someone so shallow. Makes my stomach churn lol!

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Hmm well she may be beautiful but this girl seems like a ice queen.Hmm and she souldnt judge you on the colour clothes you were wearing.Like today i really wanted to wear mypink slouch boots and it was hot so i wore short and a matching shirt and teamed it off with a hat thing and i got lookd from old people but i guess they dont know me so thay cant judge

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