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Is this normal? (warning: a little graphic)

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First I wanted to thank the people who gave me some advice about relaxing to enjoy anal sex. My lover and I did it last night and it was amazing!


Well, my question now is: Since this morning, I've noticed that I'm "leaking" (for lack of a better word) poop. I've had a normal BM, but this is just a little messy smear. It's happened a couple of times so far today. Is this normal? I'm not in any pain and there's no blood.

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Hello Joiseygrl,


I believe it is quite common, and nothing to worry about. Could be a number of reasons. With anal sex, the lubricant is pushed deep into the anus. This mixes with feces, and may take some time to completely come out. Also, not sure if protection was used (which I would recommend unless you are in a monogamous relationship and have both been tested), if he ejaculated inside you, this could just be the remnants working there way out.

Hope this helps,



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Did you use protection and lubricant?


Or did it bareback and he came inside?


In both cases, fluids (lubricant and/or sperm) mix back there and they simply come out once nothing is pushing inside anymore. Like with enemas.


Except for the mess in the underwear you've got nothing to worry about

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