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Has any ENA ever been to couples therapy?

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I've been to Marriage Counseling. I think it would best to find a counselor who specializes in Family Therapy.


I also think that not every counselor is a fit for everyone. If this person doesn't click with the two of you, dont give up and try some other counselors.


I approached counseling with an open mind. You should just expect to talk, and listen.

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we went to one for the 1st time last week...he was okay....i found another one which i think better suits us (not quite sure what i mean by that) I think we need a workshop, as well as individual therapy witht he same therapist.


We are going tomorrow to this new therapist.


1st visit: together

next visits: individually

follow up: together


and then we go from there. We had to fill out a questionairre which we take with us on Friday and the therapist makes an assessment in the coming weeks.


The workshop is in january (next available) and they have group therapy sessions with other couples.

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