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Found His Profile On Myspace..weird

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Ok. This is REALLY weird!!!! I am on Myspace...and was searching people

so just for fun I checked to see if my ex had a page. To my shock his name and pic came up. The WEIRD thing was in the info box...it said he was a Gemini (he's NOT, he's a Taurus) and it said he didn't want kids. He has TWO kids!!!! It also said he hasn't logged in since April 26th. I am wondering if someone put up a bogus profile of him because truthfully...that does not sound like him at ALL!!!!


Would you all want to know about this? Should I ask him if it's legitimate?

I just know I would want to know if MY pic was flaoting on the internet without my knowledge!!!



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Yeah that could definitely happen; I've had my pictures stolen several times and used on Yahoo! profiles and that WhatTheDilly website. If it's not the right astrological sign... are you sure he knows what his is? Is the Taurus right before Gemini? And not wanting kids, maybe he just doesn't want MORE kids... And maybe that's an old profile, and he's got a new one, too.


But if you try to see if it's for real or not, I'd do it anonymously because it's your ex. But really, are you going to be tempted to talk to him again and would that be a bad idea?

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I understand it's his business....I just think he would want to know if someone

is using HIS picture and posing as him on the internet. He is NOT a "MySpace" type of person..and truthfully I was SHOCKED when this came up. I totally didn't expect it. I would only tell him so he was aware. Not for any other reason.

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He may never have updated his profile information.. "Gemini" and "I dont want kids" automatically pop up when you create your myspace profile unless you change it, it stays that way.. My profile said that unitl recently when I realized it.


ANd as for him not being a "Myspace type person" EVERYONE and their mamas are on myspace sweety

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I don't think you should contact your ex about it. really, he is your ex, let it go.


It is also possible that he created it just for a day, and hasn't used it since. For example, I sent my Mysapce profile page to a person I know, and since he didn't have a profile, he had to set one up to see all of my pictures.


it is possible that the same thing happened with your ex. he just set it up for one day because someone e-mailed a link to him.


yeah. don't e-mail your ex.

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Also, if your ex is not savy in these kinds of things, then he could have no idea what to do and how to set up these things. I too, also had to set a profile up just to see pictures of a friend of mine. I had to go back and re-do it all with my accurate info. Your ex could have done the same thing.


But regardless, it should not matter. He is your ex. Yeah, it may seem silly and innacurate but it really should not be an issue for you at this point. If it were me, I would just have a good laugh.

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That's another tough aspect of breaking up, is that you are no longer a part of his life or him a part of yours.


The only way you can heal is to not look on myspace, facebook, your phone, kodakgallery, snapfish account, for him.


It's only going to make you wonder and want to contact him which will throw you into a further turmoil of pain.


I have a code you can enter into your computer to prevent you from viewing any website you choose. If you want it, PM me, and I can tell you how to use it.


I used it during my breakup and it sure helped to avoid looking at certain sites that I was oh so tempted to look at.


Hugs, Rose

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I agree with Annie, it will appear to him you are stalking him.


Anyhow, I highly highly doubt anyone but him made the profile.


I think deep down you may want to talk to him and this a means to do so, however, you will just be hurting yourself by doing so and he will tell others you are stalking him.


Don't feel bad for doing so though, I did the same and found my ex on a dating site, however, this was while we were still together. Temptation is hard, but in the end it hurt me more than helped, so hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.

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ok, here is the thing......


The reason that you are concerned (or you say), is that he is "Not the myspace kind of guy."


If you really thought that, then why search for him on myspace?


It's not like there is anything super disturbing written on that profile, like "I like to molest little boys and girls." If you saw that, you would probably want to point that out to him (assuming he is not a pedophile). But nothing in the profile sounds like a cause for concern.


seriously. he is your ex. let it go.

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How can you "stalk" someone on a public forum???? sheesh...


if you are his ex, and you are still looking up bits and pieces of information about him, and came upon something untrue, and are now trying to figure it out.... that is all definitely showing a higher level of concern.


who broke up with whom? why did you guys break up?

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Yeah, but wasn't he angry at you the other day for calling him 30 times? I am not sure contacting him about his mySpace page is a good idea. He may think you are tracking his every move. You may feel you are not, but you have to think of how he would perceive matters. That is what counts.

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The fact he ISN'T the type to be on MYSPACE is WHY I am wondering if its legitimate. I am not looking for a "reason" to contact him. I don;t NEED a reason. I could just contact him if that's what I wanted. This is being completely twisted into something it isn't.

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The fact he ISN'T the type to be on MYSPACE is WHY I am wondering if its legitimate. I am not looking for a "reason" to contact him. I don;t NEED a reason. I could just contact him if that's what I wanted. This is being completely twisted into something it isn't.


that is what I am trying to say..... If he "isn't he type to be on myspace", then why would you think to search for him?




oh my! 30 times in one day? why?????


I think after that, and you contact him about his myspace profile, he will just think you are stalking him. calling someone 30 times in one day is NOT healthy. especially if he is your ex.

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Ummm why is THAT an issue? I was just curious. It doesn;t make me a stalker because I checked to see if he had a profile.


because of the way that things can be percieved.


if you first called him 30 times in a day, and he got annoyed and upset about it.... and now you are thinking of contacting him to tell him that his myspace profile contains inaccuracies (and as the others on this thread have said, just the defaults were set), then he's going to think that you are tracking him.

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