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NC is not for getting an ex back. I know everyone thinks that it is some magical cure for getting your ex back but it isn't. Think about what attracts someone. You need to be attractive. NC is for getting yourself back so you can be attractive instead of a sobbing mess. You need to work on getting yourself back to a point where you can be yourself and be an attractive person to others in terms of personality.


Often times we lose ourselves in a relationship and NC is to regain what we have lost.

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Hey there,


As Iceman pointed out, NC is not a method to get your ex back. It is a method to get YOU back. To heal, to reflect and move on. There is such as thing as free will and you cannot "make" a person come back to you or "win" a person back.


Another member here wrote a fabulous post about No contact. I recommend you read it.



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