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I feel SOOOOOO lost!!!! Up down up down down down. . I don't know what to do. I am in my senior yr in undergrad. I am getting ready to aplly to med school- but do I want to be a doctor? I've been working since I was little to be a doctor- but I can't remember why I want to become an MD for the life of me. Is it a good enough reason that I'm good in science and the money is good? UUUUGGGGHH!! I'm not good at anything else. I go through phases, you know like I'll try other things, but I always get discouraged or bored. I'm always in my head, wrapped up in my thoughts, sometimes I drive myself crazy. Am I taking life too seriously? Do I need to 'go with the flow'? I'm not sure I can do that- but how can I find out what I like? I mean, who the hell am I?


Any advice?

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