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No Job @ Christmastime

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My emotions are shot. Ever since I had my child my emotions have been all over the place, fights with my parents, my boyfriend. And now that the holiday season is here it's just that much worse. I'm sitting here typing when I should be sleeping because the baby FINALLY fell asleep but I just can't fall asleep. When I was younger I had really bad insomnia, I found out the cause was that I was worrying too much about future events and got myself to anxious to sleep. Well my dilemma now is that Christmas is coming up and I have been trying to find a job. I haven't had one for just over a year now, and I was looking while I was pregnant and I started looking recently with no luck. You would think because of the holidays that most places are hiring, and most of them were, but now it's already December. Besides I want a job that is not just seasonal. My boyfriend works but even he right now is in a slump. He works under the table for a relative and they aren't making much money. Anyways, I just want to have some cash to buy my baby some things. I don't want my boyfriend to be the only one earning money, nor getting gifts. I want to get him something too, but I can't without money. I've tried many places around where I live and because I have no car my boyfriend is going to let me use his as long as I take him to work in the morning. But still no where wants me! I have only had one real job, i was part of the waitstaff at an old folks home, and I got fired because my car broke down and i could no longer get to work. So putting down that I had ONE job AND got fired probably is one of the biggest reasons I keep getting turned down. Right now the babysitting thing isn't really even an issue because there is almost always someone at my house. I just don't know what else to do without stooping into a job at McDonalds! I'm not saying that's a horrible job but even though beggars can't be choosers I want to rule out ALL other options before I atempt something there.


If anyone has any advice on how to get a job, or on how to find a brightside please tell me. Thanks.

PS any ideas on sleeping would be greatly appreciated also!

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Pretty sad story. As for how to get a job this is the best advice anyone can offer. Just do as many online applications as possible. Send as many resumes by e-mail tonight for job listings that were posted today (they check the e-mails tomorrow morning) and fax and mail as many resumes as possible. Also try human resources since you are not working they will help you find a job. If you don't mind may I ask what country do you live in?

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