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She has a boyfriend and she flirts with me at work !?

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That's aggrivating, and all I do is flirt back because its fun. The flirting was heavy today, and even the co-workers noticed and assumed she has a crush on me. I know nothings going to happen, but all this flirting has been a real relief for me since I started the job.


I've been feeling very detached from the world. Feeling as if I can't go back to my new friends here because its been so long, and the old friends have been forgotten. I miss volunteering but I feel like I can't go back to that. I either don't have the passion nor time. I hardly sleep in my own bed anymore. I hope this is just a hard stage.


Ideally I would simply ask her out. I need to give myself some fun and a break.

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Ok i know this might be what you want, but if she's flirting with you while shes got a boyfriend what would stop her flirting with other guys to. I'm sorry if that was a lil tactless but seriously its very easy for people in your circumstance to get hurt. Either way it is your choice but seriously think about it. Although it might be fun and stuff maybe thats all it is, fun. Sorry if i've hurt you just its always a sticky situation.

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Seems unprofessional to me. I have a policy against mixing personal and work relationships. You just ever know how BAD it can get. Also what would you want the guy to do if it were your gf that was acting like this?

Or maybe she just has a thing for 'new guys'

Just be careful.

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