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I have read about it but now its my turn... NC help

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Well my boyfriend of almost a year just broke up with me. We ar en a long distance relationship. Im in Canada hes in the US. He said he cant handle the distance and the cost of it all anymore. he told me all the crap like... i still love you, can we be friends, i want to still tlak to you, i care about u... blah blah blah. Im obviously very upset and cant stop cryng.


So i need to start NC right now but i need help and support really bad! Its the holidays and i hate the fact that i will be alone and i dont want to find myself begging him to take me back (which i will do if i talk to him)


so how doido this NC thing? Its also exam time so i really need to focus and not put any thought into this break up whcih will be very hard.


any advice or tips would be greeat from poeple who have tried NC have been successful or failed... all advice willl help

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sorry to hear about your relationship. ldr are HARD! i can relate as i am in one too.


i guess the nice thing is you have exams coming up so the best thing that you could do is cut him out like cold turkey. bury yourself in your exams and spend some time with friends. delete him from IM and your phone. but since you guys have just broke up, pack that info away in a place you won't look.


hopefully he'll come back around.

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