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Everyso often I post a message in here just as a way to vent. To be honest Im feeling quite low at the moment as Im annoying myslef alot. i want to be able to talk to girld I like and ask them out but I feel that Im not attractive to any and they will tell there friends and they will have a good old laugh.

I dont think im ugly infact I think I look quite smart as im into sports and its just my general appearance. Its getting to the point were id liek a girl soon to be honest I DOnt think this will happen and the longer it doesnt happen the more depressed and shy with women I WILL get I have bassically a 0% success rate with girls.

Whats up with that. Maybe ive got dodgy genes or maybe I have to go out with someone I dont fancy which leads me to another point. I cry sometimes because I know people like me are socially inept and its just sad. lol

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Meh, you pity yourself don't you? Your perfectly normal, your only 17 and your still very young. I would always wonder when MY first girlfriend would come along, when she did I never ever thought about another relationship again because I knew it was possible. Take care bro, there's a little something-something for everyone. Cheers~

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You've just got to believe in yourself a little, friend, and keep trying. Eventually you'll have success. If you don't try, you for sure won't.


If you get rejected, mope over it for a second and then get over it. Find someone else to approach. You don't go up in a puff of smoke if you get rejected, I promise. It happens to all of us, but you just gotta get back on the proverbial horse and keep trying. That's exactly how you go from being socially inept to socially adept. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

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Dodgy genes?


Perhaps, but not likely. You are alive today because each and every one of your many ancestors had quite the opposite, that is to say, that they, and very most likely you too, have incredibly successful genes. So, that being said, let the mate selection begin. Cheers!!!


Ha ha!! Good point, TRQ!!!

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I got a quick review of your situation.









You're starting from childhood and facing adulthood. As every human, we want everything to be perfect. What you're trying is to quickly get organised with a girl and although you know nothing on the matter, you want to make your approach wisely.


Got any clue where I'm trying to get at ?


You can be one, half-way or the other but not both at the same time. Just like day and night.



I want you to believe in yourself. There are so many people who got into your position but by persevering into other ideas aside of girls and succeded, that their attitude took them at the same level with girls.


Other than that, just don't mess up your life if there are only girls that you can't have. Take support on things you're successful in not to let you fall by other matters.


What do you think all of this ?

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BYOB: Well said and I will second the point.


There will be many, many more places in your life what there will be girls, thrills, disappointments, etc. Don't create things in your life that don't exist yet.


All, I can say is to have fun and know that there is something in all of us, to make us great. I am not attempting a sappy statement here, I am just trying to let you in on a little secret we all know. It does get better....then worse...then better, but that is life.

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