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I'm 25 years old now, and broke up with a long term partner a few years ago ago. At that time I moved back in with my mother and her partner.


She's been pressuring me into finding another partner, while i'm happier with rather casual relationships ( i've not been with anyone over three months since i broke up ages ago, and as such they have not met my parents.). How do i get her to keep her nose out?


We are rather close since her breakup with my father when I was young. However, i'd rather her not interfere.


Any help is good help. Thanks in advance

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Be there where she is not.


Get back in the dating circuit, i know its not nice to suddenly go out to disco's and bars and movies, but it beats putting your life on a halt because of a broken relationship, be sure to push on your life into a new direction and become the best possible man you can be. Don't be your own worst enemy, and give yourself a chance to a new life, although many traps may lay ahead of you of which you have to be weary of, cleverly avoiding them, and acting like a castle gate, closing yourself to bad people/things/events and opening yourself up to good people/things/events with a shard of charisma should enable you to bring in those people into your life that bring you joy, although its of course always an active continues investment into establishing and maintaining relationships, its also a lot of 'life is what you make of it', living like a hermit isn't good, its better to be more outgoing and remember to bring love and light into the lives of the people you meet.

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I think its best that you don't get into a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship. But at the same time, don't just mull around the house doing nothing either. Get out, meet people. Try online dating (its certainly an adventure) If you end up meeting someone that is right for you you will know. Just have fun - the single life has so many great aspects too many people forget about.

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