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Helpp!!!! I Love Himmmmm

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blehh, and all that rubbish. I dont neccesarily believe someone has to have SEX to fall in love... I do believe in saving myself for someone special... physical attraction is nothing compared to that mental/spiritual connection. Networking online isn't very uncommon now adays. The guy that I work for now, i've also met him online, he pays me even before the project is complete. arghhh im just so confused as to why i cant be happy about him being with someone else. i realize the idea of a romantic relationship is impossible right now, but why am i still upset.

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ummmm... i think you are getting WAY carried away into the true love and other half thing if you have not even met him yet. romance and love and connection are weighted heavily towards compatability with someone we are physically attracted to, cuddle with, have sex with, etc. you haven't even entered the arena to the point of a kiss yet, nor holding hands etc.


i think it is a mistake to let your feelings go galloping forward with someone who you haven't even met yet... and why haven't you met yet? i think it is also very risky to start a business with a phantom partner... are you putting money into this, and him taking it? there are legions of stories about internet predators who convince people they haven't met to part with money, so PLEASE don't pursue that business until you have met, are living in the same area, and have resolved the true status of your relationship.


right now i hate to say this, but it is a fantasy relationship. nothing wrong with starting out by meeting online, but before you progress into a real relationship, one must have met each other and spent time with real face to face interactions. that's the only way to truly get to know one another.


so i suggest that you meet immediately, and if he waffles about this, then i would be very suspicious of his true motives... if he felt this overwhelming attraction that you do towards him, i doubt he would be pursuing another girlfriend, he would instead be insisting you meet with him in person etc.

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