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Weird Question: Vagina tightening up after inactivity?


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My question is: how long does it take women for their vagina to tighten up again to the point of where they experience pain for the first few penetrations? And I mean pain when just the head of my penis in, almost like the first time having sex.


Does it take days, weeks, or even months for the vagina to re-tighten itself for most women? Answers to this will help clear up a long story, so thanks much! (If your curious why I'm asking I could say, but it would be fairly long).

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The vagina doesn't just tighten up after a period of time. The tightness and pain factor is related to how much lubrication and foreplay is involved.


dry = pain


As above, some women experience pain all the time. Some because they can't relax enough, others because they have health conditions such as endometriosis. Others don't know why.

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Don't quite agree with caramel: while arousal and lubrication are definitely the most important factors in painless or painful sex, I can also certainly feel a difference if my boyfriend has been away on business for a couple of weeks - and then if anything I'm more aroused due to having missed him.


But as Daligal said, eveyone's different. Why are you asking Mike?

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im not a girl but i can tell a difference in my girlfriend after about 2 weeks or so. im in college and i dont see her that much anymore so i can deffinatly tell a difference from the sunday i have sex to the next sunday we see eachother. the biggest one though was when we went a little over a month without sex. it was deffinatly a difference in tightness.


before me and her were together she had sex for the first time with this guy 5 months before we met. it was about 8 months from the time they had sex and we did the first time. and i can tell you the first 5 times or so it was tight enough it almost hurt sometimes

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Thanks much guys for the help! First off I just want to say there was plenty lubrication because we messed around plenty before hand. So yes she definitely did tighten up, but the reason why I am asking the exact amount of time it takes is to assure me that she is being honest.


Ok so here's the story:


We broke up, then a while later she messed around with my "friend". She was alone with him watching a movie and he put the pressure on, and would not stop. Basically they eventially made out and had a little dry sex (she told me the whole story with details). I completely forgive her because she was broken up with me, and she also says that this is the one thing that she wishes she could take back in her life, and she is so sorry that she let it happen (she didn't make any moves). Then later on I hear from some of my other friends that my "friend" had full on sex with her. I talked to her about it and she swears that never happened. I trust her because she has always been honest with me, and I know she would never do that. But it was still heart braking to even hear that.


I looked on the calendar, and 12 days after her and my "friend" messed around, me and my x-girlfriend (were becoming close again) had sex. When we did she was extremely tight! Almost like the first time we had sex (we were both virgins the first time). This time I could barely put it in, and the first few pumps she was in alot of pain. And if the last time she had sex was with me it would of been over a month and a half ago.


So I am wondering can the vigina tighten up that much after 12 days? I am asking this just to so I can completely believe her, and it will just make me feel better that I know for sure. Thank You!

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for me, it's a couple days. i was abstinent for a year before i slept with my current boyfriend and it took him 40 minutes just to get inside me. so i guess i tighten up pretty quick.


Hmm, I guess all girls are different because she had been gone for three weeks before and she wasn't this tight.

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There are many reasons why she could be experiencing pain and discomfort. A lack of lubrication, not feeling turned on, feeling emotionally tense and physically clamping up (yes, we can do that, either intentionally or reflexively), an infection, the list goes on.


Every body is different and asking this question won't bring you the answers you're seeking. Unless she has been examined by a gyno, you're not going to get a definitive response.


I think your mind is in overdrive because you don't believe her that she didn't have sex with this guy. The focus on the supposed degree of tightness is representative of a bigger problem with distrust and this your misguided attempt to put your mind at ease, unfortunately.

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