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Prostate orgasm/ Male G-spot- ?

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It is the male prostate. You can mildly stimulate it by putting direct pressure and pushing on his perineum (taint) during sex. The best way to access it is internally through the butt. You'll need plenty of lube. If you have fingernails, I suggest using a smooth latex glove. Anything that goes in the butt needs to be lubed and completely smooth or you are talking painful. I find petroleum jelly works best for me since it is always a soothing lube that is not too slick.


For most men, I'd say you need to get about 2-3 inches inside him. No more than 4 at the very most. You basically want to massage it. It is located on the upper wall of his butt. On the front side of his body. Same place you'd find a gspot but in the butt on the man. I have seen people suggest various motions with the finger, but when you get there just have him guide you. A come hither motion works fine too. The best finger position likely has pressure internally and direct pressure externally on his perineum. Don't change the pressure on the perineum much. All the work is done internally.


Some men can orgasm from prostate stimulation alone. Others can't. Your best bet imo is to combine this with a blowjob or handjob. Sometimes this may make a man lose his erection a little or completely. Keep going. There is a good chance that won't slow the orgasm down. He can go from 0 to orgasm in about 30 seconds with this method when it hits him and he gets excited. It is very hard to control.


The physical sensation has to be every bit as powerful as a female gspot orgasm. I can't imagine an orgasm feeling any better! Another thing to look into is the Aneros. It is a sex toy that is a gift from God if you ask me. It is also hands free so that neither you need to do the real work. But nothing can match female fingers.


Keep massaging at the point of orgasm. Keep a firm grip on him both externally and internally. It is the contractions of the butt muscles that send waves of pleasure that are so unbelievable. The orgasm is then more intense and longer lasting. As a man, you feel drained afterwards. Complete satisfaction. Don't expect him to want to do this again right afterwards. It might take awhile to regain a normal level of consciousness.

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(To Bloomer:

As far as I know, it feels soft (yes, like a little lump) and spongelike.)


Cardinal explained it perfectly. There's nothing to add.


But please be aware that for some men the mere thought of any kind of anal penetration is completely unpleasant (not to say scaring). I think, it has to do with a kind of homophobia or painful/embarrassing memories of prostate exams.


Before you try it, you should carefully make sure that your boyfriend at least COULD like it (unless you already know). Perhaps by unobtrusively stroking his butt, while you kiss his neck, slowly getting closer to the "crack", and so on.


Even with lube any penetration is painful as long as the sphincter is not relaxed (of course for both men and women). First you have to make him get used to it, by softly stimulating it with little circular motions with one (lubed) fingertip or even better: with the lower joint of your thumb when you make a fist. That's a perfect little knob to make the feeling more diffuse. Take time, before you (slowly!) insert anything. Again it helps, to kiss his neck simultaniously (Makes it feel less "clinical".)


Another aspect: When the whole g-spot thing became en vogue twenty years ago (in fact, it was already discovered in 1950) every woman felt the pressure to have "million dollar orgasms". Those who didn't manage, felt insufficient, like some women (sadly) still do for not having orgasms only by penetration. And every man felt the same pressure to FIND the g-spot.

We all know sex is better without pressure.


As Cardinal rightly said, not all men are able to achieve prostate orgasms (I guess only few, and some don't even want it to be touched.)


For me the "pressure on the perineum" thing still works best to improve the feeling of any penis stimulation (by far).


(As you might have realized, English is not my native language, but nevertheless I know what I'm talking about).

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