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Saw somebody I never thought I'd see again

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Hi guys,


It was just another day at work this evening until 7:20 hit and I saw somebody that I never thought I'd see again. It's a girl.


We worked together between April and July. I started getting a crush on her in early-June. I came close to asking her out (asked her to drive me home once and she did) but never did because I didn't think the interest was there from her side.


We communicate on MySpace every now and then and I would of asked her out months ago on there but I knew I'd never see her again. So tonight, while I was working (at a movie theatre), she showed up. She dropped a hint that I think showed interest, and I saw her a few times.


There is nobody else I know well enough to ask out. My question is: how long should I wait to ask her and should I just say something like -- "let's get together sometime"?


I would think if I did it tonight, it'd be too soon. I was thinking Monday.



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dude, don't delay it. Hit it up! Ask her out. Don't waste time.


I cannot believe how many people are presented with opportunities like this, get hints dropped in the palm of their hands, and they never explore it. If I were in their position, I would pursue it in a heartbeat.

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