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Okay I dind't really know where to post this so I put it under body cause it has to do with that. Well my period was supposed ot be here Monday. I didn't get it so on Thursday I panicked. So my friend wnet and bought me a pregnancy test. But on Friday morning I had like dark brown blood. Then it stopped during the day. Then at night it came back suddenly but it was a little redder. Then through the night it stopped. Then this morning I took the test and it was negative. Then today I was bleeding again and it was kinda like a light red. And now it's stopped again. Um...I'm not too sure what this means? Like is this normal? This hasn't happened to me before. Any help would be great. Thanx.

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it could be too early for the test to be positive, or many other problems. if you're "mature" enough to have sex you're mature enough to bring up problems like this to your parents.

There are so many reasons out there that no one person on here can say what is wrong with you, obviously something isn't normal and there a ton of reasons your body could be doing this and you need to tell someone.

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periods are weird sometimes, and after you've had lots of experience with them you find out how you react to stress, bad nutrition, etc. you are super young, so you just haven't experienced the occasional weird period. i do agree that you should have it checked out somehow, though... doctor would be best.


on another topic, if you're 13 and having sex, you need to get some birth control so you don't worry that you're pregnant again. sorry, i know that wasn't the question, but i would guess that if you can't ask your mom about a weird period, you probably aren't ready to be a mom?

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Dark blood means that it is older and has been oxidized because it wasn't expelled rapidly enough.


Redder blood is fresher blood.


If your pregnancy test is still negative a few days after your period, I doubt you are pregnant.


Implantation bleeding generally wouldn't be dark brown, however, another test could rule it out for you.


I don't think this is of much concern, however, you may want to check with your M.D. if you still weary about it.


Hugs, Rose

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And to add on a side note, even if you are put on birth control you still need to use condoms. I became pregnant on the pill even though I took them as I was supposed to do.

I would rather my daughter came to me and said "Mom, I feel i'm ready to have sex so I can prepare her" rather then having her come to me and saying "Mom, I'm pregnant"

you really need to talk to your mother, of course she isn't going to be happy about it but why risk the chance of somethign being wrong with your body just because you dont want to tell your mom. You're old enough to play youre old enough to pay in the sense of talking to your parents. Otherwise I would say maybe it's best if you practice not having sex until you're mature to talk to your parents about it.


Good luck with whatever comes out of it but this coming from a teen parent, it isn't easy !!



Oh, and rose2summer.. the implantation bleeding I experienced WAS dark brown

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honey, firstly go and see a doctor if you're still worried.

Secondly, if you're having sex, you shouldn't be saying "whatever that means" about anything to do with sex: educate yourself in order to protect yourself. This is a good resource: link removed


Do not have unprotected sex, ever.


take care!

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