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its embarassing


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Hi I'm new here, and I need some adive/answers/help.


To give you a better view of everything , I'll start with a little background information. I am 16, I'll be 17 this winter. The first time I had sex I was 15. That time I'd say it lasted about 10, maybe 15 minutes tops.


Since that time, and before I met my new girlfriend, I had sex roughly 5 more times. All those experiences were longer than the first, which I thought was a good thing .


Anyways, on the first time with my new girlfriend i lasted 40 minutes, and well it was great. The next several time with her were around the same length, and we were both having a great time.


Lately, however, I cant last long at all. Its downright embarrassing for me-probably around 5 minutes. I can't figure out why the sudden change- i mean thats a drastic difference. Anyways its happened about 3 times now, consecutively.


Can anyone help?](*,)

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They have these desensitizing condoms by trojan and durex that are golden. You can last for however long you want. They have some spray too which does the same thing. There's also this supplement called Deferol, but no idea if it works. Also you can go on anti-depressants, but there are side effects so I'd stay away from those.

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I could never find enough time to go that long @ your age (lucky


A few tricks that help me is.


A) Using a condom (I can last hours with a condom on)

B) Switch positions when you feel it start to build up

C) /agree with yang with slowing the pace down

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Thanks everybody,but I think anti-depressants are a little extreme. Hopefully your ideas will help. I'll give them all a try, except for the anti depressant one, and then I'll post back here with either success or failure. Then, we can take it from there.

Its just really aggravating when it doesnt last

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Other than Layword, nobody has suggested that the change may have happened because you have altered the frequency of your orgasms.


Generally if you increase the weekly frequency of your orgasms, the time you last during sex increase proportionally to a point. How often have you been doing it? If you only do it once a day, try 2 times per day. If that doesn't work, try 3. Note with each increase how much longer you last. And time your final orgasm as Layword noted the same day you expect to have sex, but plenty far ahead of time to make sure you can get it up and stay hard.


It is not just about doing it right before sex. It is about doing it plenty 'all the time'. Unless a man has medical PE (which you don't! you last too long), I have never once seen this trick fail! It always seem to work and increases how long the man can last. It may not make a minute man an hour man, but it often can make a minute man a 20 or 30 minute man. Also simply having far more sex is a great way to condition yourself to last longer.


That is how I went from 5 minutes to 40 minutes or more and kept it there!

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let takes a computer for an example.


a 24 hours-used computer could break down in 1 week.

a 18 hours-used computer could break down in 2 week.

a 12 hours-used computer could break down in 3 week.

a 6 hours-used computer could break down in 4 week.


as you see here, the longer time the computer fuctioning the chances for getting breakdown will be sooner.


i advice you to take some rest and do more exercise before your body gave you the sign that you are weaker like now.

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ive had similar problems. the thing that usually does this for me is actually the position we're in. i find if she's on top i can last MUCH longer. regular missionary position makes me orgasm VERY fast anymore. id say if we did it strictly missionary, id last maybe around 15 minutes if i didnt pull out and stop myself. but if she's on top or we're in a chair and she's on me, ive lasted up to an hour, hour and a half sometimes...so yea...for me it's all in the position.

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to : beng


i am not suggesting have lesser in your love life , what i mean here is that


have sex in relationship is good but we should make it like a sequence,


for instance, twice a week or once a week . it all depends on your body


healthy condition . we all desire for a healthy sex right ?? so we'd better


have a long lasting love life instead of spoiled our body just because of short-


term physical need . think about it.

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