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What does s/he yell during sex?

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Porn noises have nothing on me. I despise porn, but perhaps early viewing in my early teens automatically schooled me to be extremely vocal. I'm not going to worry, it seems to be appreciated and just feels natural to me.


Description is awesome as well, telling your partner how you've wanted them to do XYZ to you all day/how hard you're going to come.


Actually, I can think of an amusing incident. On our one year anniversary, my boyfriend and myself were (surprise, surprise) having sex. Its normally excellent, and that time it was mindblowing. I found myself on top of him, having an orgasm that made me yell "OMFFFGG MARRY ME".


Not overly dignified. He didn't take it as an official proposal, luckily

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I am the loud one in bed, and I usually have to stifle myself with pillows/blankets/my hand, whatever's handy.


We really like to talk dirty while in the act. I'd never been in a relationship before where I even made noise, much less screamed and talked dirty, but it really is exciting, and definitely adds to the experience.

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