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I feel unwanted by the world

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I really dont want to complain. Ive posted numerous topics here, some out of anger, some out of heartbreak and others out of other overwhelming feelings that draw such despair, to seek out guidance. So first off id like to tell everyone in this domain that they are like guardian angels, always looking out for someone who is need. Without you, well life would be a LOT bleaker than it even is at the moment or in fact, I may even be just a corpse in the ground.


So anyways... to get on with this tale or whatever youd like to call it. I think there has always been something that has set me apart from most people I have seen or interacted with throughout the course of my life. Ive never really found something or a definition really to describe this but to me I have always seemed to originate from a different world than everyone else, or somehow I always thought of myself as a different form of life. Sometimes even I would tell myself that I was cursed under some sort of spell. Note however when I say a different form of life, im not being egotistical or I am saying I am better than anyone else, this is not what I meant...


The main part of these feelings I really dont think came mentally, I was'nt just telling myself this and thinking I was different in any form. It had came through years of being treated differently than everyone else. Constantly it seems ive been ignored by everyone and somedays it would be safe to say I felt invisible. Yet maybe there was more to this.... Ive always been very shy and somewhate introverted... however ive just forced myself to talk to people but that is the problem that starts these feelings. Ive talked to people and for the most part just been ignored, always ignored... Yet it doesnt matter if I knew these people for a long time, or if I just talked to someone on the bus, all seriousness, only a small reply comes at hand.. why?


Not only the fact that I have bouts of dissociation from the overwhelming feelings including hatred and misanthropy, I seriously just want someone who I could hug or anything.. Thats the next part too.. I cannot get a girl. Ive heard numerous times how im "cute" or whatever from girls etc gossip however all the time I must turn girls off because no matter what happens I cannot get a girl. I DO NOT KNOW WHY. I must be cursed...

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Some people, most people just don't respect. It happens a lot at my school. There will be situations like you where people will seem desperate to make conversation so they feel "occupied" and less alone and reserved. It's natural to do that since humans don't like feeling alone. Although, it seems rather needy and pathetic so some people look down upon that, and in this case won't respond to you.


Some things you could try is to talk a bit louder, and a lot more confidently, and expect them to respond. If you think that, and talk like that, your body language will display that your a real guy, instead of a weak guy. I know, I've been here, this helped me a lot. Though it could be different for you, people might still ignore you, I guess it depends on the person, and the people of whom you talk to.


Also, if you could explain more about the failure to get into a relationship thing, that'd be great.

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Already off to a good start, since a fellow metalhead here is helping me out!


Anyways I think your right in some ways, I do come off a bit needy sometimes, however I try to interact with people but I cant help but sounding needy, its all in the fact that I am trying to interact and reach out since I was shy in the first place.


Since im sure you know a lot about this too, it may be a whole discrimination type thing due to the long hair and "scary shirts" that people just stereotype and single out since our groups are few and far between. Then again I might just being paranoid.


And the relationship thing I guess im really shy, I dont get to talk to many girls yet even if I do talk to girls it never goes anywhere, it always trails off or they just lose interest quickly... and like I said I have no clue why...


Thanks for your help btw.

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I know there are so many ppl who feel this way. I dont really know what to say to you because I'm the type of person who really doesn't care what the world thinks of me. I lived for many years trying to be a ppl pleaser and at the end of the day, I realized you cant please everyone.


Please yourself more and try not to worry if everyone views you as 'normal' or 'impressive'. You sound very intelligent and caring. I wonder if your feelings of being ignored comes from that ppl just dont understand you very well.


Best wishes.....

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