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Is your penis suppose to do this?

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Alright is your penis suppose to be when its hard it can move around like you can turn it and view the back side.


I dont know if I have broken carlige or not because well I was having sex with my girlfriend and she got scared and so it would not go in and it just felt like it was bending is that normal? Also when its hard it leans to one side alittle and when its really hard it feels like its on a ball and socket thing and you can turn it around and stuff. Is that normal?

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Yes, that's perfectly normal. I know of a guy whose penis bends to the left, also. And you should always be able to make it move.


The reason it felt like it was bending when you were trying to have sex, is because it probably was bending. It wont snap or break off or anything, lol. You just have to position yourself exactly where the vaginal opening is in order to get it to go in without bending.


(sorry for saying bending a trillion times)

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