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getting back together?

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Hello again all, my ex broke up with me about 3 months ago , and we’ve been in LC for 2 and NC for 1 month. In that period I’ve kind of grow away from her, and moved on, but still had thoughts about her in the back of my mind. Well since I implicated NC, I had chosen to break it during thanksgiving break, since we were both home and wanted to check up on her, in a friendly way. So I send her a message on AIM and we converse for about an hour and catch up on college life and friends. She told me that she was thinking about me that week, because something reminded her of me. So it goes well the conversation, and she invites me to hang out with 2 of her other friends tomorrow. I didn’t see any harm in it, and I had not seen her in about 2 months. So the next day I go to her house with her friends and we have a good time together. We had fun as a group, and lots of laughs and talking. She kept bringing up stuff that me and her did over the summer when we were together. As the nights ends, no serious conversations, she hugs me and asks if we can be friends again. I say sure, and go on my way not thinking too much about it. I did have a great time with her and realized after that I really do miss her, but she ended it with me? Well about 2 days later I leave her a message saying that I had a good time with her and her friends the other night, she replies by saying it was good to see me and that “ she misses me being around” and that we had a lot of fun over the summer. ( our relationship was over 6 months span mostly during the summer). I was kind of surprised by her saying this. All I said was that I had a good time too. Now, since I haven’t spoken to her since Thursday, but I really don’t know what to make of this. I seem to want a relationship with her again but am unsure of what she wants from me. Should I ask to meet up again or is she just doing this to be nice?](*,)

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I would keep your cool. Don't be too available and let her initiate contact. You have gone through the pain of the break-up and are just starting to feel better. Don't ruin it for yourself by getting your hopes too high or getting embroiled in an unclear situation.


It is important that you figure out for yourself what you want. If you are TRULY okay with being JUST FRIENDS, then go with the flow and if something more happens, good for you. But if you want a relationship, then really go slow and don't be too available until she broaches the subject or starts being flirty - then you can ask her directly what is going on.


But for now, play it cool. And when you are considering a platonic relationship, ask yourself if you will feel okay hearing her talk about guys she is dating, etc...

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