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After six months should I expect him to get to know my family?

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I have been with my bf for a little over six months. I am really close to my family, and I want my bf to get to know them them. He is scared to meet them. He ran into them before, and they had a conversation but he says that in the past he had bad experiences with families, and he's afraid to take the step to have dinner with my family for example. I have a pretty big family, and there is a language barrier. I live with my parents, 3 siblings and a grandma. Is there a way to encourage him to meet them. Does it sound reasonable that I want him to get to know them? Thank you for all of the responses.

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Of course its reasonable, and he's going to have to do it at some point. Just remember never leave his side during the whole ordeal or he'll feel abandoned. Your his only guide there. He'll do the talk, if you'll do the... well.. cuddling!


~If he outright refuses to go then that show's he's not interested enough which is a BAD BAD thing. Anyways, tell us how it goes. Cheers~

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No he never refused, he used many excuses before. I was very pushy at first, but we talked calmly about it a couple of times, and he asked for a little more time. His family left for another country about 5 months ago, and he's coping with that, his only family are two of his best friends. I just feel like I am in the middle of it all because my family can be pretty pushy, wanting to meet him, and I feel stuck in the middle.

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My family is very close and important to me, so yeah, for me it is a big thing for my prospective beau to meet my family members early into the relationship. (start him off easy with siblings etc). So in my opinion it is totally reasonable for you to want him to meet them and get to know them.


If he keeps making excuses I would get leary. And "having bad luck with families" is a total cop out/BS story.

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