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I have been going mad with everything going on. My husband and I took our honeymoon last week and unfortunately the place we picked turned into a disaster although we argued a little we ended up deciding that we won't be going back there again as neither of us liked it.

My brother was insainly drunk tonight at the moment I live with my grandparents, husband and brother because We are sorting out visa papers and hopefully going to university. My husband is also awefully homesick just like I was in the USA.


My new job is increadably stressful although I'm managing I find it boring and there is nothing I can do because I need to hold a job down to a) be able to feed us because my husband is not aloud to work until we have enough for a solicitor to get him a work visa (pluss the flight tickets and fileing of the paper fees). I have all this to sort out ontop of taking care of my younger brother, my grandfather when my nan isn't arround ontop of what was ment to be afull time christmas job.


I'm finding it a little difficult to cope. This is so much responsability for me and I have never had so much pressure from anything in my life. I used to take care of my grandfather anyway but my great grandfather has been in hospital and my nan has been away from home a lot and she has a bad foot and has been in hospital.


I just feel like everything is trying to push down at me ontop of pressures about xmas shopping and not having the money to do it. I just don't know what to do right now and I'm beside myself.


My brother falling down behind the fridge was all my fault because I didn't realize that he was drunk and I asked him to come see if the pancakes I made for hiim were alright.

Anyone got any advice?



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Its no problem at a later point do your honeymoon over with your husband and make it a succes, (who says you can only have 1 honeymoon)


You know the point in your life is that you have to allow yourself to be successfull in things. Make short means with everything that is in your way. And refuse to take part off a stressfull situation. Look like a farmer can only take so much hay on its fork, you can only bear so many things before you fall. So be sure to deal with things in a way that its within your coping range, if you can't hold out, ask someone to help you, i mean there's people who could extend hopefully a hand, although you shouldn't rely on such more then necessary , that your brother got drunk, well that can happen and you didn't do it on purpose, you shouldn't worry to much about it, make a good distinguish in your life towards what things are trivial and what things really matter, set priorities and advance in your life in terms of growth,wealth , and most important loving and helping other people.

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