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This is gonna sound really dorky...

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Last christmas my girlfriend and I had been together only 2 mos. and I got her a really nice tennis bracelet and she loves it. Won't take it off, not even to shower, only if she's doing chores.


Anyway, this year I would like to get her some more nice jewelry but she only wears rings. One on each finger. So I would like to get her a ring, but I don't intend to propose yet at this point in time. I guess that would make it like a "promise ring". This is only the 3rd serious relationship I've ever been in and I've never given anyone such a gift before.


So I would basically like to know if anyone has any thoughts about this. Does it sound like a good, appropriate gift? (and here comes the really dorky part of my post) If you give someone a promise ring, what do you say when you present it? I know this sounds really silly but I'm just looking to see if anyone has any thoughts on the subject. Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays!

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Why dont you get a jewelry box instead of jewelry. I think you set the standard pretty high when you got her a tennis bracelet after only being with her for 2 months. I am not a big fan of promise rings or jewelry but if you have to go that route then why not a necklace rather than a ring.

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Something about a "promise ring" just doesn't sit right with me and never has. I don't fully understand why someone would promise to ask me to marry them someday instead of just asking me to marry them.


I think a ring is a very appropriate gift and just because it's a ring doesn't mean it's any kind of promise. (Unless you want it to be of course.)

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Does she wear earrings? Or another bracelet? Rings are unbelievably tricky, I think. I love bracelets and necklaces myself. Or a thumb ring? (I like thumb rings!). I think it could potentially misfire, but I'm in the UK, we don't have 'promise' rings as such. Hmmm.


Personally, a present I would absolutely adore would be a fabulous fountain pen, or really nice jewellry that's not a ring.


But you sound really thoughtful, which is the main thing - she's a lucky girl!

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it sounds awfully strange to buy buying her a "promise ring" when you are 39. That is something younger people do for each other.


now, you could get her a different kind of ring, something that won't be confused as an enagement ring. like an emerald or ruby ring, or sapphire, topaz, opal... etc...


earrings also.


wow. 2 months and a tennis bracelet? I've been dating the wrong men...

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