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greetz all

i had a good chat with that woman who is 40 years old.

now we were close friends,but she met her first BF of 20 years ago or a reunion.

now she is in love with him :s

at the moment he is breaking up with his current GF

they have 2 kids and bought a house.

they didn't even live in it at the moment.

so my question is: will such a relationship stay on?

or is this doomed.

because when he will left her she will take him in directly.

cause i always have seen bad experiences with couples from witch one went first to another before breaking up.

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I would step back and watch the cat come out of the tree. You have no idea where this is going, although what you say may indeed happen, you have no garentee. I like you to step out of the relationship, the reason for that is because she chose him over you, means that you are not her nr.1. And that's enough for me to be not commited to her. So im raising a red flag here as her decision making puts him over you.

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I'd step back, take yourself out of a picture you don't like looking at. It's not about him over you, or what she wants more, it's about what do YOU want in your own life, and I suspect you would want a relationship that is stable, loving, respectful, committed, and just for two people, so for right now, she can not provide this for you, so it's time to get out of this situation for YOURSELF.... her "pattern" of overlapping relationships is a sign of an emotionally unhealthy person, and you do not have the power to "fix" this in someone else.. so if I were you, I'd let go quickly and tell her if she's ever on her own, and is intentionally wanting to make an effort to be involved with you, then and ONLY then may she contact you, until then you wish her the best, and goodbye for now..

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