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Should I stop by or just send email? Help.

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I wrote another thread about what I did wrong, being ignored, you can read that one to.


I need some help or answers in regards to what I should do. I dont know what I did to piss my friend off, she is my ex and we were talking before I went to cancun. Then when I came back, she isnt talking to me anymore and I dont know what I did wrong? I mentioned about her falling in love with someone else (she is my ex) and I dont want to get in the way. She sent me a message (below):


hahahahahah poor Coach RRRRRRRRiicarrrrrdo....i feel sorry for you...I think u are always in other world but this one...jajajajaj and I hope is that and not you are in love????? Hope not until Im gone jajajajaj (is that to selfish from me)??? Because if u fall in love with somebody, that person will take my personal coach and cook away from me....and THAT WILL BE HORRRRIBLE!!!!


I sent a reply before I went to Cancun and she wrote when I was in Cancun to see how I was doing. When I came back, I have not talked to her, when I call, she ignores me.


So, what should I do? I want to go over and ask her what I did, I also have a CD with photos from Cancun to give to her since I couldnt send them through email. Or should I send an email stating that I feel that I said something wrong and she is upset with me (since I feel she is ignoring me) and I sorry. Let me know. Thanks.

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Don't do any of that? by doing that, right now, you may seem needy. You are asking her because you have not received soemthing from her. Don't ask for things from her, not yet. Wait a bit, and give to her, something anything, certainly nothing of tremendous effort or value. then see what she does.

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