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Need to vent, could use some support and insight

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My girlfriend, who i am uncontrollably in love with, is bipolar.

She is actually more stable than most other people i know, but she recently had a brief lapse in her medication (well over the blood-life of her primary mood stabilizer, and probably long enough for the neurological effects to kick out)

She seemed fine, and now that she's back on the (primary) mood stabilizer she's seeing problems in the relationship and her libido is gone.


Our sex life was fine before she stopped taking her medicine, heck, it was AMAZING. Now... it's all gone, and i feel all nasty and unattractive....


I know it's not her fault, but the situation is really playing at my insecurities,

and i'm worried her drive will never come back, i guess that isnt really a big issue but i liked having sex, you know?

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have her talk to her Dr about it, you dont want her off her meds even if she seemed fine last time she was off. i am sure this is a norm issue and the Dr can give her more meds to help the sex drive. or he can change the meds but it will take time for the sex drive to come back.


remember that it will take extra time to get her in the mood what used to just take a sexy look, now might have to take 20 mins of 4play. work with her and talk to her about it, i am sure she misses it also.... talk to the DR!!!!


Good luck

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