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Phone Coversations


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This may sound very strange to you all, but I get extremely nervious when talking on the phone to a girl. So bad that I try to avoid it. Yet when I am face to face with her, it's no problem at all, can chat for ages.

I think it's the fear of an embarrassing silence, or not having anything to talk about. Does anyone ellse have this problem? and how should I combat it? It's just stupid if you ask me.

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YES!! I have this problem too!! I have an idea what it is, what I've found is that once I've gotten to know the girl more as time goes on, then phone conversations become more natural and free-flowing. That being said, there's nothing as natural and free-flowing as face to face conversation. Cos communicating involves HEAPS of non-verbal components too eh.

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A phone conversation is just like any other conversation, If you had never talked to a girl face to face, you would be shy and nervious. But you only feel this way on the phone.


So like a lot of things, its practice, practise, practise. I know you might think this does not make sense, but if you talked all day in a call centre then talking to someone on the phone would not be an issue. Its only because you do not do this all the time that you cannot be yourself on the phone and this will show.


So call every woman you know on the phone, from your sister to your great aunt gertrude and talk ! Talk about this girl, your relationship, your feelings, just talk. Do this for at least a couple of weeks and you will find that you will have no problem talking to this girl.


I hope this helps.

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Well, if I could tell you to pick your talking problems, this would be the one I would tell you to pick. If you are going to have problem, this is the one to have. If you talk to her a lot on the phone, she has less desie to talk to you in person. When single, I tried to speak with women on the phone only to set up dates.

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