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Keeping it a secret?? Good or bad sign?

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Had sex with a girl I went on a few dates with. Afterwards she asked if we could keep this between her and I. Of course I said sure, no problem with that.


Now I look back on it; do you think she was referring to the fact that her and I were going on dates, or just the sex part? I would ask her, but I don't want to sound stupid or let her know that I am thinking about this.


And is this a good or bad sign that she doesn't want our friend's to know? Oh ya and a few days later she accidentaly divulged that she told her best from back home, but I acted like I didn't hear what she said.

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maybe she just meant she didn't want you to talk about anything that happened in the bedroom between you two with other people, especially common friends... some people brag about sex and exactly what they did together, etc. and it can be kinda crude and she may not like that kind of talk with other people, thinks it's private...


so maybe she told her friend she was dating you, but didn't mean she was talking about sex...


anyway, ask her what she meant...

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I agree with "Bestrongbehappy"


Personally.. what happens between my partner and I should remain between the two of us. It was intimate, it was personal, it's very private.


I'm have more male friends than female, And many times they forget that I'm a woman. To them I'm one of the guys. I've heard about the bedroom antics and about what they did last night. "I" would hate to be the topic of conversation that way.... no matter how GOOD or WOW it was... ya know what I mean????

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Do you have a particular need to tell people your business?


Some people have this strange idea that other people actually care about what is going on in their lives and they have to tell everyone about it, no matter how small and unimportant it may be.

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I'd respect her request, and as far as clarifying if it was "dating" too that she wants to keep a secret, I doubt it, and you'll discover if that is the case soon enough, like if she's willing to hold your hand in public, etc.. you'll see the "signs", but as far as the "intamcy" being a secret, I understand why she wants to keep that private, I think it's nice that she wants to, it should be private, it's more respectful, loving, and mature.

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