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ok so i know a person can be traumatized by seeing or hearing something, or from memories of past events.


Im schizophrenic, and i see/hear/imagine some crazy stuff. is it possible to become permanently truamatized from a schizo-fit? i read about someone who saw something so scary in a schizo-fit that he had a heart attack and died, can i really be harmed by this?




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You can read about a lot of things... But that doesn't mean you should worry about it.


Many people suffering from Schizophrenia respond so well to the treatment/medication that they assume don't have it anymore, cease treatment, and then relapse as a result. Follow the advice of your doctor and you should be just fine.

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Have you considered talking to a therapist to get some guidelines on what to do to try and stay calm if something felt traumatic.

There are apparently lots of things you can do eg, breathing techniques or repeating something to empower you eg

"God did not give me a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind".

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