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finding a mediator?

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Hey there,


My parents used a mediator for their divorce. I think they looked in the yellow pages. I don't know how much they charge but the divorce went quick and as amicable as possible because no lawyers were involved. But a lawyer is present during the mediation process just to make sure everything is legit and done legally.


From what I witnessed, the mediator will want to know what you and your spouse will want to split, whom is going to keep what, and get a list of everything in the house and determine their worth. My mom had to have the house appraised because she wanted to keep it and bought my dad out. And the cars were an issue as well but everything was sorted out.


I feel mediators are the most helpful when there are no children involved, all you want is to split your assets and have a smooth and amicable divorce. Just from what I observed from my parents' situation.


Good luck.

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It is my understanding that lawyers are the ones whom sometimes can drag out the divorce and makes things messy. A mediator just helps with the splitting of everything and makes sure everyone is happy and comes to an agreement. So, I would stay with the mediator.


Actually, my mom ended up doing much of the leg work such as getting the papers from the town hall, itemizing everything, and so forth.

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Depending where you are, the courts can also appoint you a mediator if you inquire. Your lawyer should be able to refer you as well. You can also look in the yellow pages or online for local mediation and arbitration services.



Mediation is a good process in my opinion. I took a lot of mediation in my undergrad and it does have some great benefits if BOTH parties are willing to compromise and work together for a solution..it won't be all in your favour, or the others favour, but there should be a good balance of both parties needs and interests.


In some areas it is actually part of the process in family law to go through mediation as it is less adversial for family. They only go to court if the mediation does not work out, or if it needs to be enforced.

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