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What did I do? She is ignoring me for some reason?

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I dont know what I did wrong and that is why I am hear to ask for your advice. I have been friends with my ex, yes, my ex. I can hear it now from all of you guys. I have realized that there is no way we are getting back together, it took a long time to realize this. Anyways, we did things for Halloween, she asked me to come with her. I taught her how to play volleyball, etc. We still had fun with one another. She sent me an email about her anatomy to me, like



>Will offer when you need one to cry on and will be your strength when you find it hard to carry yourself. Will always let you lean on them.



>To love you for who you are and not judge. Will always have a place there or you.


which was nice to hear. We are (or should say were) good friends. She also sent me an email about a month ago about how she feels she is loosing me to someoneelse, that I have fallen in love with someone else and she will loose her volleyball coach, etc. Well, I never responded to it until the day I left for Cancun. I responded by saying that I feel she is the one that is probably falling in love with someone else and I dont want to get in the way and that I am not in love with anybody else. Then I went to Cancun for a week (2 weeks ago). She sent me an email when I was there, but I didnt get it until I got back.


Ever since I came back from Cancun, something has gone wrong and she is really distant with me. I gave her a Thanksgiving card and she called, but I missed the call and she said she would call the next day. I called her and her mother said she would give her the message, have not heard from her since. I called last night and left a message and she never called back, she used to.


So what did I do? I am confused. She nows that I cherrish her as a friend and dont want to loose her as a friend. Did I say something to offend her in my email? I just dont get it. I dont know if I should send her an email asking what happened, did I offend her or upset her to make her ignore me? Or should I go over to her house. I had bought a marble turtle in Cancun for her (she likes turtles), but havent given it to her becasue I feel that I have pushed or pissed her off from me. What should I do? I feel that women dont like to tell guys what the guy did wrong, my experience from other women.


I need your assistance becasue I hate being ignored for something I dont know what I didnt do or say?

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Why she is doing anything is not something I can figure out. You can onyl do that by getting in her head a bit and thinking about how she feels and might feel. In other words, you mgiht be able to do it, but I doubt anyone else can.


However, your best bet is not to chase her and leave her alone for a while, and hope that things change soon. If nothing changes, some decent wishes for Christmas are in order.


I do think she might have been motivated by the idea she was losing you before the Cancun trip, and that you eliminated that worry by saying you do not love anyone else, and think she might be falling for someone. But that is a big guess.

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