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It could mean lots of different things. What was his body language like? If he was also turning away from you it could mean he was uncomfortable and wants to leave. If he seemed interesting in the conversation then he is probably just a bit shy and doesnt like eye contact. Or sometimes people look away for a second while they are thinking.

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he wasn't turning away from me. he never really does when he's speaking to me. he faces me alot of the time when we're interacting.his whole body points toward me and sometimes he'll come and stand right beside me. i haven't told him anything. he gestures alot while talking to me too.

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well I know for me, I get shy so that may be why some look to the side and stuff. I have been getting better at trying to maintain eye contact because sometimes I consciously think about it.


I think it's best not to assume too much based on body language. Sure body language may say something, but it's also very ambiguous.

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I think you need to understand body language a lot better.


Some elements of body langauge are universal. Prolonged eye contact either means sexual attraction or hostility almost always.


Some elements are cultural. Women from Latin American cultures tend to have more "provocative" walks, but that is thought to be due to them lacking, historically, other means to attract. (What else do you do when you are not allowed out without an escort or guardian who keeps you fromt alking with the guys.) Space and the amount of it is very cultural. People in some cultures allow others to get closer to their bodies and make more physical contact with them. White Amercians and most Northern Europeans have similar body langauge. Southern Europeans differ, a bit, and other cultures differ much more. But diffierent areas of the U.S. also differ. A from New York man who is identical in many ways to a man from Texas, will not have the same body langauge. So, you need to look at the culture the person comes from and the body language tendencies of that culture.


Also, look at the tendencies of men of his type. If you are talking with the type of guy who is a football-watching, beer-drinking frat guy, he will differ probably from a guy who is artsy and does yoga.


Factor these things in, study body language so you can.


The if you factor these thing sin, you will realize that we all have body langauge that is rather unique to us. The factors form layers and peeling off those layers will revela much, but you also need to just learn a persons.


Now, this guy may do this because of how he feels about you, or he may just do this thing all the time to everyone he talks with. He may do it with all women because he does not feel comfortable talking with them. So think about that.


Finally, you cannot and should not base interpretations on one thing. This things can happen for a few reasons, so when it happens look for what else he is doing. You want to see clusters to body langauge signals, not jsut one sign, but a few signs made all about the same time. And a number of the clusters is better than just one.


If a woman looked at me, made eye contact, stuck her chest out and then looked down and to her right, I saw one cluster telling me she finds me attractive. But I would wait for more than one. So, if she then looks at me, makes eye contact, preens her hair, sticks out her breasts and looks down, I have cluster 2, and moving in is a fairly safe bet.


One signal is nto enough, and you need to keep paying attention, as feelings are dynamic.

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Usually means he's thinking about something you said... i.e., looking 'inward' for a second to process things... then back at you again to connect.


also could be shyness... prolonged eye contact for shy people is hard.


or he could get distracted for a minute... when we're talking to someone, we have the actual conversation, then what's going through our head, so he could be listening to you and then thinking, 'gosh, her eyes are so pretty...' then he gets back on track again...

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he wasn't turning away from me. he never really does when he's speaking to me. he faces me alot of the time when we're interacting.his whole body points toward me and sometimes he'll come and stand right beside me.


It definitely sounds like he likes you... but I'm not 100% sure how much. He may just like you as a friend. But standing right beside you is a good sign. Look for clusters of body language signals like beec said...

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well i have been looking in clusters. He points his body toward me, looks into my eyes longer than normal and gestures a lot while he's talking to me all at the same time.


OK, and what is your body langauge telling him? Is it telling him he should come and get it, or try to, or is it vague.


Perhaps, you should arrange for sometime when you will be with him during which he can bust a move. You may need to offer some encouraging signs to get him to do that.

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