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how do you read this?


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Theres my friend who has a friend who i've been spending some decent time with for the past few weeks. We talk over IM and go out with my friends on weekends. This past week we did our own thing with Dinner and such. I know she probably likes me and wants to know me more but i know she's not into jumping into a relationship from what my friend tells me and wants to i guess "date around". I'm not sure if what we are doing is called dating. What would you call it? Hanging out with a friend. I was never good at labels


The slight issue is I almost feel that it's moving toward the "something more" stage. I mean if we just saw each other on weekends, if that, i could see no problem. But it seems from me she's pushing to spend time with me. She invites me down to her place during the week (been there 4 times this month) and this weekend we're heading to the city all day. She pretty much spearheaded that idea, i just flow with it cause i don't want to be pushy and want to give her some latitude. I guess i don't want to get caught up in her if she's just doing all this to be my friend. Hell I don't even have a friend that I see that much and do that much with.


I feel as i should ask her whats up with us but i'm not sure if thats a good idea. I just can't read if it's a good time to ask it or when that would be. I have no issues to date aslong as I know it's "dating". I guess i want her to know my intentions. Being friends is nice but i'm looking for something deeper in the long run.

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she's like a book thats words don't match the picture. she says one thing but she's doing something else. I'll let it flow till after this weekend. I'll see if i can find a way to "relax" and separate my feelings. It seems easier said than done, but i'll give a shot.

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Well I went to the City with her and it was awesome! Spent the whole day there. We both had a great time. Near the end of the night she was holding on my arm and somehow we bumped hands and she grabbed it! I felt like i was 15 again


I'm still not sure where we stand. Which causes me to go nuts sometimes but i don't want to push the subject. Do I keep letting her lead? Should I ask her where we are in this or where she wants to go with it? Or should I do nothing and just let the chips fall where they may.


I don't know why i feel i have to know where we stand (dating, friends, exclusive or not) I'm just afraid that if i don't formally say something then i'm going to lose out.


She asked me to her works xmas party and to xmas eve party with her family. I can dig the work thing but Family?

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