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Would like opinions on 2 things...

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1) I had someone actually go off on me, because I have a habit (occasionaly) of lightly kissing or caressing their lips with my tongue, BEFORE we are actually liplocked. She said, to not stick my tongue out until we were kissing.


I have had other women tell me that what I was doing is perfectly acceptable and they would enjoy it. How do you guys feel?


2) How many of you do the WHOLE WIDE OPEN mouth kiss? I usually keep my mouth at a decent size, so I can experience the lips, tongue, etc. I don't want half my face swallowed. I am wondering how many people actually kiss that way, or enjoy being kissed that way.

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it really depends on the situation...if the BF and I are making out hot and heavy (I call it porn star style, haha) then it's usually #2. Like mouths open and kind of...consuming each other. If we're just being lovey dovey, we both like the "nibbling" kisses.


I think it's a matter best left to each individual person's taste.

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So, it really felt like she was just looking for something to get on me about. I still don't know how someone turns so quick, without the help of someone else. I may never know....I think it just bugs me to think she just wanted a break the very next day.


I must have totally said something that made her think something about me, or...I just hate not knowing and I refuse to believe that someone is that flakey...

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