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Prenatal classes


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We found them pretty useful (this is your first I presume?). There are many things that you really just don't think about and these classes sort of help you consider all the details and they give good practical advice and help you prepare for the birth itself.


The only thing I would say is don't take everything as gospel. Usually a hospital will have it's own birth and babycare biases, usually determined by the midwives. This is no bad thing but like any advice, take that which is of use to you and fits in with the way you want to do things.


But I definitely recommend going to them

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We went for our first baby and it was helpful. They told you what to expect. Answered your questions. Gave us a tour of the whole maternity ward, nursery, etc.


We ended up having severe complications so it was straight to the operating room and no attempt at vaginal birth, but I'm still glad we went to the class.

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I went when I was pregnant for the first time. They went over all the aspects of labor and what to expect. Breathing practice was a big thing. They showed us a video. They also talked alot about breastfeeding (which I found very useful as I wanted to nurse) and bottle feeding. They talked about what to take to the hospital. I remember the day they talked about CSections, I didnt pay that much attention as I thought 'it wont happen to me' but it did. We also were able to tour the maternity ward which was cool so that when I came there I knew just where to go, if I didnt already know.


All in all I found it very helpful and it gave me a chance to ask any questions I had. Its worth going to, especially if this is your first baby.

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