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my dad is being charged for child abuse?

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my brother and dad lived together until a month ago when they got into a huge argument and he moved out to my moms when they got into an argument my brother was trying to fight with my dad and my dad was holding him back and supposedly accodently scrached him my brother hates my dad and my brother is uncontrolable and doesn't respect my mother or father. my brother went to school and told his guidance conceller that my dad abuses him and now my dad is getting charged for something he didn't do. do you think that he should be arrested and sent to jail for such a crime?

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I think child services will further look into things before any charges are formally made. I'm assuming your brother has no bruises/marks that would convince the counselor he was being honest. However, it is their job to report accusations. If you know your father would never do that, you need to speak up.

In the cases I've seen/heard of (based on friends, news, etc), they really do take into account the opinions of the other children. I think if you were to tell child services that your father is definitely NOT abusive, neither to you nor to your brother, that your brother is doing this out of spite, there really isn't any hard evidence. In cases of child abuse, they generally have witnesses (teachers who see the bruises, other siblings) and a long trial before determining anything. If you want to stand up for your father (which you certainly should if you know he's innocent), be prepared for the witness stand and all of the awful questions the lawyer will ask you.

Out of curiosity, how old are you and how old is your brother?

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Welcome to enotalone. Hope you stay around.


If he did not do it, no, he should not be punished for it.


I think you need to stick with your Dad if he really did not do it and tell him you will do so, and go to Court to testifiy if need be.


Good luck.

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We don't know anything of the circumstances or facts so it will not be possible to answer your question.


What we can say is that your dad, if he is arrested, will get a fair trial and the facts will be presented. If your brother is making it up you have to trust that that will come out in any trial.

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and here my sister is doing meth and neglecting her kids constantly and we can't get her kids away from her!



How's that for irony?


That's really something that makes me mad. Regardless of who is the better, more responsible parent, the courts always sway towards the mother. I knew a guy who had 2 children. He's a fantastic father, but he can't get the courts to make his ex-wife pay substantial child support. She's one of those women who put her needs in front of her children's, who see them only when it's convenient, etc. Because the courts won't step up, those 2 are "Toys for Tots" kids in the x-mas drive. It's so sad... and so unfair... the legal system needs to open their eyes a bit more and see that it's not always the father who is causing the pain.

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ya know Jen - I totally agree with you.


As a true feminist, I am really and truly for EQUALITY.


That includes it being equal accross the board. I think the whole child support, custody thing IS biased toward women.


Even abortion is. It takes both to make the child, both to take care of it (or support it if separate) but only ONE to make the decision of whether or not it even gets here? What's that? But I digress, that's another forum.


I hate the system the way it is curently and I can't wait until it changes....

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