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Enlarged Overies?

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I just got back from the ob/gyn. She felt around and noticed my overies "seemed to be enlarged". She said she's not concerned about it, but she's sending me for an ultra-sound tomorrow. She said some overies are just bigger than others. Anyone out there know how normal this is? Could it be a sign of something wrong and my dr just doesn't want to alarm me? It bothers me that she says she's not worried about it, but still wants an ultra-sound. (Sometimes I can get a little paranoid... can you tell?)

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Is this your first visit with this doctor?


I guess I'm just wondering: "enlarged" compared to what? or who? Was it because they were smaller the last time she saw you? etc? Did her last patient have small ovaries? Is she basing this on as average? What's the baseline she's comparing it to?


Perhaps she is just being very thorough. I think if there were any major concerns, she would not hide them from you.



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I think it's great your dr. isn't jumping to conclusions.


First, she is going to see the hard science, the ultrasound and see what exactly is going on.


There is no reason to worry you until she has hard facts.


She may think it's Polycystic ovary disease, and she wants to test for that.


You can read about it here: link removed


But there is no reason to worry you until she knows exactly what is going on, and it could mean absolutely nothing.


Hugs, Rose

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Hopefully the ultrasound will shed some light on this. It very well could be nothing. Although it's hard, try to stay calm.


My guess is that with the ultrasound she's trying to rule out Polycystic ovary syndrome or other conditions that might cause enlarged ovaries. She said yours "seemed" enlarged. Doctors are very thorough these days, mostly due to the fear of malpractice suits. Had she missed something or ignored something like that during an exam it could be very bad for both of you. The ultrasound is a precaution.


My guess is that you'll be ok.




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In 2002, I went for my normal annual appointment. My doctor mentioned that my ovaries seemed enlarged and sent me for an ultrasound. She said it could possibly be Polycystic ovary disease.


I went for the ultrasound and found out I had a little special surprise in store. I was pregnant with my daughter. That caused the difference in size.


Hugs to you! We'll be here if you need us!

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