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Girls...period advice

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Okay, this is some unasked for advice for girls. I know it's not a question, I am telling you about this because it's helped me. I just wanted to let you know about one of my favorite things. It's called a "diva cup". It's kind of like a tampon except it's a rubberish cup. It doesn't leak and you can leave it in up to twelve hours. I just thought I'd tell you guys about it because it solves a lot of problems for me when I get my period. I can swim in it, wear it overnight and not worry about it at all. It makes it seem like it's any other time of the month.

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I've used something called Instead (a cup) link removed since 1996. Since it was invented I never used anything else. It's a different design from the others talked about here- but the same concept. These are disposable however.


It takes some practice getting used to and is not for women who are scared or sqeamish about their own bodies. I'd compare using it to using a diaphram or inserting a tampon that doesnt' have an applicator.


Most women do not even know that these products exist. They are much safer than tampons because the flow is held away from your body in the cup which is a soft rubber material. With a tampon the flow soaks into cotton and sort of stagnates there. TSS is not a concern with the cups.


For me aside from the benefits of swimming, exercising, sleeping in total peace- I think the best feature about the Instead Cup is that you can put a new one in before having sex and you won't even know it's there.


I could care less whether I have my period or not now. I know it will never ruin a vacation or any other plans I may have.Your period is a total non-issue once you use these cups. I turned my sister and several friends on to them and they don't use anything else since they've tried it.


I seriously think it's one of the best inventions on the planet and has definitely made my life EASIER,



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