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Alright here's my problem, well, it might be an obsession (from what my co-workers have said) but I think about girls A LOT and talk about girls A LOT.

When I go to work besides talking about music and other stuff I talk about any girl that I've met online or a girl I see walking around at work. I usually talk about girls to certain co-workers. Being that I'm a single guy in a collegetown I see girls everywhere. I've even penned the word (A.F.D.) Attention Female Disorder so of my co-workers have told me that it gets annoying, some others don't care..but I was wondering, do you think that it's an addiction or obsession? thinking about girls ALL the time and talking about them ALL the time?

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Well, I think it's a healthy part of life.


You're limbic system is probably on overdrive, which is motivating your desire to think about women as a result of lust.


Are you only thinking about them or actually dating them?


both more or less directed towards dating them

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Let Mistress Grandy take care of you...


Seriously though: so long as these 'girls' are of age, you're good.


Maybe you just need to get laid? ( sorry sorry sorry )


oh a lot are girls my age and you are right about needing to get laid, umm let's just say, it's been since...ohh I dunno....since 1999

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