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Sometimes it's good to just be around the person and all the talking takes place on the phone, but that might be biased because my last girlfriend was an LDR.


Just talk about random stuff and see if it sparks up conversation, tell him about your day so far, find some good jokes to make him laugh. Conversation is a hard thing, but if you're persistent you'll get it.

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talk about his interests. Eventually with your boyfriend you're gonna run out of topics if you're not careful. You should be active and always reading, watching and listening new things and ideas, jokes, whatever. The more you know, the more you have to make up topics from. If you're having problems, you need to force it at first. The convos might be forced, but it'll get better. Also if you get him talking about something, you only need to listen, so that might be a nice idea. Especially in relationship you need to be able to talk about any random stuff, and don't be afraid to start something totally random. If you have good chemistry, it probably is fun anyways.

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