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What are your strengths?


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Errr, I don't have much of a character, all I have is ability. I can debate philosophy, and politics. Draw: Some realism, anime and some digital art (photoshop 7) Write: poetry, philosophy. I can read pretty fast..

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I'm very loyal -- but only to a very select few people who deserve my loyalty (I may be a little too picky there...)

I'm book smart and love learning...languages especially

I have some drawing talent...pretty good at realistic drawings, even got some awards

I'm persistent and ambitious

I'm independent (which gets me in trouble sometimes...)

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I don't give in, despite my intense anxiety and (oftentimes) depression. I've watched many people that I was once close to give in and give up. I feel proud that I've kept on going, not falling into the easy pattern of self pity, and addiction. I want to live every moment, even if so many of those moments seem to offer nothing. I suppose it's what you make of it...

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I never give up.


There have been some uncomfortable and nasty times where I was doing very badly indeed. In fact, I looked like a homeless person. I was so completely messed up. I was also being viciously abused. My hair was everywhere. I was not groomed. I was not well. But I kept trying. Even the in the midst of intense depression and despair, I got back up on my feet to keep going.

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