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I think I understand why people "stay late" at their offices....

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Right now, it's a couple hours after I was supposed to leave work...but I find myself not wanting to go home because I don't want to see my roommate and hear her gossiping. She literally doesn't let me have a break, as soon as I step a foot into the door she starts talking and doesn't stop. Some days I just don't want to hear it... like today....so I'm just doing stuff online here at work, and hanging out. I wish I could just go home and relax...but I know she'll be sitting there on my recliner, watching my tv, and maybe using my dvd player. ANd I know that if I do go home she won't offer my own chair to me (it's the only one in front of the tv) and she definitely won't let me watch what I want to.


I think I finally understand why so many people (usually guys who are trying to avoid nagging wives) do this.


It sucks, I tell ya.

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Yes! A woman that understands!! I stayed after school one time because while me and my ex were dating she was PMSing. Usually I would listen to her and help calm her down, but the second day of it she got mad at some guy because he tapped her on the shoulder where a bruise was.


After that she wouldn't shut up about it, and I just needed a couple of hours away from it. When I got home she was calmed down on the phone and we had a rather pleasent conversation.


But man... ](*,)

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Sounds like some bounderies need to be put in place.


Like eh chick, give me my chair before I ....


No seriously, this sounds like an uncomfortable situation to be in, I feel your pain. how long have you and her been roommates? Whats the situation?


You sound like your starting to resent her even being there.

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I frequently end up staying late at work, and go in on my scheduled days off. I have a couple reasons for this.

1. I have this unexplainable sense of duty to my job, I don't know why but it

even gets to me sometimes, mainly because I act as problem solver for

other techs there.

2. I do have a female roommate. I admit I have stayed scarce during the PMS

time of month, but also so we get some privacy. There are times I just do

not care to see her when I get home or have to listen to her incessant

whining about stuff.

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