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hello everyone..I am here to discuss a very bad problem I have..ever since I broke up with my girlfriend I have been on academic probation in school and if I dont pass my classes this semester I cant go to school for a year and thats going to kill my self-esteem..I have been given 3 assignments and 2 of them being 3 pages each and the last being 15 pages..they are due this monday and monday is the last day of the course..then after this I will have about a week and a bit longer to study for a final exam which is cumulative (meaning u have to know the entire textbook) and I am just panicking..I dont want to be some bum who has no education..I want to do good but I procrastinate and use things to escape from my worries..I dont know how to get out of this but if I dont do something soon I am finished..if anyone can give me some advice that would be wonderful..

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The first thing to do is to make a schedule for yourself. 21 pages by Monday is a lot...Break it up into more manageable bits. Starting tonight, I would recommend writing 4 pages a day. I don't know about you, but I work best when I'm switching it up instead of working on the same paper...But you know what works best for you. If you write 4 pages a day, you'll be right about done on saturday. That will give you all of Sunday to look over the papers and revise them. Don't worry about studying for the exam for now and focus on the papers. Just make sure to stick to the schedule!!!


Also, try to remove as many distractions as you can. A computer is kind of required to write papers, but try turning off your Internet connection so that you're not tempted to go online. Try going to the library for a change of scenery (it usually works for me when my thoughts go stale after sitting in my room for hours). Make sure to take regular breaks...write a page, get up and stretch for a few minutes...then back to the grindstone. After another page, another break...


Good luck!

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Hey bro,


This is crunch time for you buddy. Come on, don't let this woman and break up bring you down like this. Pick up the reigns and get yourself straight here.


Keep reminding yourself of the consequences of your procrastination, keep looking ahead and running scenarios through your head. You're going to be "finished" as you say if you don't get this done bud. You're going to be miserable, depressed, self-esteem shot, and feel guilty you didn't do more to get you to where you want to be. Your going to be set back in your career and it's only going to be tougher to get back into after a year off.


But you've got time to avert this scenario so take it and use it to the max. Bury yourself, clear your schedule, start the coffee percolating, do what you gotta do. Get off this website and go do your work buddy!

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Hey, I am sitting here instead of studying, but I will leave soon.


Know what? A degree is more important than you may ever know. I stopped after 2 years 'cause I was making so much money. When the industry stopped hiring like they were, I needed the degree and did not have it.


So, NIKE!!!!!

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i am in the same boat and here is a little advice from someone who has been down that road and still is. in the past, i made a list of everything i needed to do and tried to do them all at the same time and in cold turkey-style - never works. so, take your time but don't slack and remember success comes to those who are determined and patient. here are a few things i have completed:

1. gave away computer and cancelled internet service [i used a friends comp now so there is a 'time limit.' i don't go to any of the 'sites' that got me whacked in the first place.

2. got registered in the 'programs' i needed to to ensure i had 'support' in place.

3. listed my home and started searching for a new place to live.

4. admitted that things that are happening now are a direct result of my actions and that i only have control of making things better.

5. enlisted trusted friends to support me during down times and admitted that i had been suffering delusional episodes because of substance abuse and am now fully aware of why, when, how, etc. and am tackling this instead of denying.

6. motivate myself and get healthy again. i registered this evening at a gym for a full two years and promised to stop eating at mcgurgles.

7. admit and seek professional help regarding past relastionship issues and finally returned to work after months of lost focussed.

8. realized i was depressed and started medication


the list goes onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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You could practice positive self-talk. (it has to say in present tense)

Talk to yourself 3 time, before you start you assignment, during break and before you sleep. You will feel different.

To stop procrasination:

"I like solving problems. I always deal with problems and I never avoid them. I will do my assigment and I will tackle the problem head on"


When face difficulty in assignment:

"I know that I could finish my assignment on time (state the date). I refuse to let procrasination or anything negative to hold me back or stand in my way.


I study the assignment question to find out what it really require. When I do not know the answer to my assignment, I do research on the internet, read books, ask my classmate or lecturer to figure out the answer. I have all the energy and stamina to search and get an answer"



Just my 2 cents, I hope it helps.

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thanks guys..you are all awesome and so is this website..my house is a tough place to study..I am in my kitchen right now with my back turned to my 56 inch tv link removed (thats if u care to see how tempting it is..) I have an xbox 360 hooked up to it and a playstation 3 and nintendo wii are under my christmas tree. music distracts me and reading up games distracts me its a pain and on top of that I hate studying elsewhere because its -15 here at the moment so now I am just going to keep my back turned and try my best to research what I need to do and get on it. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to help me out because I was feeling down earlier but now I know I just have to break things up into chunks. Thank you all once again and I hope I can finish my assignments!

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