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Guys: Do you think very long hair is sexy or creepy?


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Well, as I have said many times before, it all depends on ther person's view. I have long hair and all my firends that are guys always ask me how I can stand it and that I should get a hair cut, I just like it that way.


And while my hair isn't certainly waistlength, once you get used to it it's really more like a routine than obsession. It's like cleaning your house, I know, drab comparison.

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I think long hair on a woman is very sexy. However, I don't require it. In fact, this is the first time I've even thought about long hair on a woman since the last time I saw that, which was.... Months? Longer? When? I can't remember.


That is with regard to seeing it on non-relatives. I do have many women cousins with long blonde hair, but from my point of view, who cares?


Every once in a while I get to see a brunette or black haired woman with long hair and wowy, zowy! However, long hair is so seldom seen on women these days that it's not something I actively look for.


As for the maintenance needed to keep long hair combed and in good condition, I'd love to help with that. Hand me a comb and I'll get right on it. Yes, I do know how to comb long hair properly without pulling it.


When I was a kid, my mom was a school teacher and one summer she went off to summer school all summer for continuing ed or whatever. My dad and I were supposed to take care of my younger sister who had long blonde hair down to her waist. Guess who combed it every day, or every other day? Me. I know to start at the bottom, hold tightly just above that, comb out about 2 or 3 inches, then move up 3 inches and start over. Keep going until I get to the top. When my mom came home a couple months later, my sister insisted that only I be allowed to comb her hair and NOT my mom because my sister did not like the comb pulled roughly through the snags. The secret being to kind combing is to only comb 2 or 3 inches at a time and to hold tight to the hair so that any snags don't pull the hair at the roots. Slowly work up. So I actually do know how to take care of long hair.


I doubt I'll ever have a GF with long hair because there are so few women with long hair these days, but if I ever do, she'd be pleasantly surprised to find that I can comb it for her. I'm not much good a braids though. Oh well.

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Why would other girls (or guys) care how long your hair was? I think two things. Some of them liked it and were jealous. The other thing is that kids are like animals in that they will always target someone who looks different. I've heard that on a farm, if one chick looks different from the others, like a different color or some other distinguishing feature, the other chicks and chickens will keep pecking at it until they kill it. I think that children behave like that too, unless adults intervene. Sometimes adults even behave that way. You can also be targeted for being good looking in general. Blonde hair can also trigger that. Try being the blondest guy in the room sometime, or worse, the only blonde guy present. Being different can be bad in many cases, but sometimes it's an advantage. As a child, being different is going to be tough no matter what the difference is.

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I think you need a degree of obsession to get your hair to waist length in the first place and then to maintain it daily.....
Nah, you just skip out on the hair cuts and put it in a braid when it gets in the way. Easy as pie really.


As for the maintenance needed to keep long hair combed and in good condition, I'd love to help with that. Hand me a comb and I'll get right on it. Yes, I do know how to comb long hair properly without pulling it.
Very nice. I think it would be extremely sensuous to have a man do this.


Charley - I think you are right about them attacking me for being different. Apart from my brother, I was the only half-Asian in the entire school and there weren't very many full Asians there, either (maybe 10 at the most in a school of several hundred students). I also had the longest hair in the school and I knew that many girls were jealous of it even though I didn't understand why at the time.

That's awful, Sheyda! Kids can be sooo cruel. Well, no doubt many were simply jealous because I'm sure your hair is just gorgeous.
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I love long hair, I find it really attractive. I don't know, there is just something beautiful about seeing a girl with long flowing hair. As a matter of fact my girlfriend has very long hair, almost down past her hips. You'd never know it if you saw her though, she usually keeps it up in a bun. I still don't know how she stuffs all that hair into a little bun the size of a baseball.

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