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LDR went sour, now I am dating his 'best friend' should I not?


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In about April I found a guy who went to my high school we talked a lot online and I decided to drive 13 hours to see him for spring break. When I got there he was pertty dismissive and we didn't seen to have much in common. I decided to just be ok with our physical relationship (it was GREAT) and leave it at that. I went to visit him a few more times and the last time I was there we decided to try to have a LDR (long distance relationship) and be exclusive.

It didn't work, he didn't return my calls or emails he kept flirting really hard with girls online, it made me feel like crap. We broke up. I don't feel like it was much of a relationship anyway, just physical.

In June we went on a trip together me and him and 4 of his friends. Again all phyiscal, no problem.

The whole time he had been acting like I didn't matter and he was just not at all interested in me. I was fine with that.

I started talking to his 'best friend' online, we met, hung out, now we are dating, and the guy I tried to date in April just moved here. Now he is mad at me saying its crap that I am dating his best friend and I am being disrespectful to him by dating his friend.

How can this be? For MONTHS he acted like I didn't even exist and now that I am dating his friend, I am the bad guy? Is he just pissed because now he can't sleep with me? I know he doesn't want a relationship with me because he never did before.

I just want to be his friend. I don't even know where the relationship with his friend is going. .... why do I feel bad even though the guy blew me off?

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UPDATE: After a week of dating the friend. I broke up with him. He has zero time for me and I didn't want to deal with his line of exes and 4 kids and 3 jobs and too much other drama for me to handle. I don't know if the other guy and I will get back to being friends with benefits or not. Just an update.

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