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My wife's ex-bf. Still friends.

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For the full story please read these two threads I've posted about them.






I honestly don't know what to do. She says she loves this guy. But she chooses me. But for how long? Why does she need to be friends with him?!?! I have no reason to not trust her. But I don't trust him. I just want him to disappear. errrrrr. Please read about my situation and let me know what you think. I'm getting pretty desperate.

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You don't deserve your wife, and you are too mentally unstable to be in a relationship in the first place. However your son is at stake, if i where you id give everything in recovering and creating a stable household for your son, trying to work this guy out of your house may only be attracting her more to him, so id try to push him out in a backdoor way, continuesly prevent and reduce the amount of her seeing him, but don't tell her this. Although even if he manages to get with your wife , you shouldn't become angry at him rather on yourself for letting things come this far , although self blame isn't proper too rather goto a theraphist seek mental help and ask for professional help in a kick off clinic, heck it might lead to nothing , what matters is that you show you are making a sincere effort to save the relationship between you and your wife. Be patient with yourself and your wife. Your wife deserves the best, its just a matter of being the best, meanwhile rotten things will happen, like whatever those two are still going to do together i don't want to think about, but expect and be prepared for it, as you have a lot of bad karma build up towards her that is probably going to hit you back in the head like a boomerang real soon.


So be all you can be , and don't EVER return to your self destructive habits,as they lead to nowhere.

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